Milton Football Club History

The Official History of Milton FC

The earliest records found so far go back to 1905-06.

These are photos of teams between 1924 and 1937. Descendants of some of these players still live in Milton

Back row (left to right):

George Johnson, Reg Clapham and Hector Bowyer

Middle back row:

Sim Easy, Fred Pearson, Fred Shipp, Tom Badcock, Fred Norman and Bill Hopkins

Middle front row:

Frank Shipp, Ted Cooper, President George Brown, Bob Starling and Dick Cooper

Front row:

Ernie Missing and Vince Mortlock



Back row:

Bill Hall, Len Coulson, Cyril Day, R Coulson, Frank Shipp and R Flack

Middle row:

Bill Norman, R Starling, Fred Norman, Fred Shipp and E Godfrey

Front row:

Len Easy and Les Edward



Back row:

Fred Starling, R Macfarlane, Ron War,d Fred Carlton and Charlie Coulson

Middle row:

Alf Breeze, “Tip” Bradnam and G Webdale?

Front row:

Steve Lucas, Albert Goodin and Ernie Missing.

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